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This thematic unit came into being in the year 2006 when the school was born out of the former department of Advanced Nursing which had been in existence for 38 years. It is one of the four thematic units that form the School of Nursing Sciences.

The thematic unit currently has a staffing capacity of eight (8) lecturers with diverse areas of qualifications at postgraduate level. Med/Surg thematic unit is responsible for the teaching and supervision of all Med/Surg course units for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also coordinates teaching of the basic sciences offered by service departments in the College of Health Sciences.

The courses taught in this unit at undergraduate and postgraduate levels include Pediatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing and Advanced Nursing Practice.


Message from the Head , Medical /Surgical Thematic Unit.

Dr.James Mwaura

Welcome to the Med/Surg thematic unit of the School Of Nursing Sciences. I am pleased to inform you that Medical Surgical thematic unit will continue to prepare a nurse with the highest levels of competency to care for adults and children with medical and surgical conditions. I am also pleased to inform you about the achievements of our thematic unit that have been realized since its inception in the year 2006. The unit has successfully engaged in training, supervision and mentorship of a large cohort of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

About 70% 0f the courses in the school’s curricula are under the Med/Surg thematic unit. We are proud that we have continued to build capacity for health care delivery locally and internationally.

The graduates of our post graduate program have formed the pillars for training nurses at higher institutions of learning in Kenya and the region. The training covers key nursing specialty areas which include critical care nursing, pediatric nursing, medical surgical nursing, oncology, mental health nursing and other areas of advanced nursing practice. The School of Nursing Sciences, University of Nairobi is currently the only tertiary institution that offers these diverse options of specialization at postgraduate level.

As a thematic unit, we are proud that we attract students nationally and internationally. Students from countries such as Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Sierre Leone, Ethiopia and Rwanda are registered into our academic programs.

I appreciate the support from all academic staff in the thematic unit  for their contributions towards these   achievements.


Academic Programs and courses taught in the thematic unit

  1. Undergraduate programs
  1. BSc.N regular
  2. BSc.N Self sponsored
  3.  RN-to-BScN upgrading
  1. Post graduate programs
  1. Master of Science in Medical-Surgical nursing
  2. Master of Science in Pediatric nursing
  3. Master of Science in Oncology nursing
  4. Master of Science in critical care nursing
  5. Master of Science in mental health and Psychiatric nursing
  1. Doctor of Philosophy (nursing sciences) in the same areas of postgraduate specialization.


Projects ,Community services  and collaborations.

The thematic units staff undertakes community service through research and clinical service. Current projects undertaken include;

  1. Community Mental Health services at Watoto Wa Lwanga primary school and rehabilitation centre at Kibera in collaboration with Basic Needs-UK in Kenya organization.
  2. Technical expertise to the Ministry of Health (CNO’S office) in quality nursing services and currently is technical advisor to the chief nursing officer implementation of nursing process as a framework to improve quality of nursing care in Public health facilities in Kenya.
  3. Afya Njema Project, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Boston. Through the project, screening for non- communicable diseases in the rural and suburban setting communities is conducted and interventions instituted appropriately.

The Med-Surg thematic unit is guided by the Vision and the Mission of the University of Nairobi on scholarly excellence and community service.


Teaching Staff

  1. Dr. James Mwaura
  2. Mrs. Margaret N. Muiva
  3. Dr. Margaret N. Chege
  4. Mrs. Miriam C.A. Wagoro
  5. Mr. Antony Ayieko Ongany
  6. Mr. Samuel T. Kimani
  7. Mrs. Angeline C. Kirui
  8. Mrs. Lilian A. Omondi


Career Opportunities

Our aim is to develop students with competencies in critical thinking, creativity, clinical skills, good professional judgment and conduct in provision of quality public health care.

A Bachelor in Nursing Sciences prepares a broad based nurse with integrated knowledge and skills in Medical Surgical Nursing, Obstetrics Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Education and Administration.  The knowledge and skills in nursing are based from the principles of biological sciences, behavioral sciences, research and biostatics.

With this broad based knowledge and skill based degree, and an intensive one year internship after graduation, the nurse graduate can work as managers in the following areas; namely curative, prevention and promotion health programs. They can also work in learning institutions as lecturers and also in health research programs.


Research Projects

Projects, Community services and collaborations

The faculty from the thematic undertakes community service through research conduct, clinical service and community participation.

Current projects undertaken include;

  • Afya Njema Project, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Boston, United States of America (USA). The project is involved in screening non- communicable diseases among the rural and suburban population in Kenya communities and providing appropriate client intervention.
  • Provide Technical expertise to the Ministry of Health Nursing and Nutrition Division in implementation of nursing and nutrition process as a framework of improving quality of care in Public health facilities in Kenya.


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