First-Year orientation 2022/23 Academic Year

First-Year orientation 2022/23 Academic Year.

On September 23, 2022, the Department of Nursing Sciences held an incredibly thorough orientation program for the newly admitted 2022/23 First Years.

In collaboration with the Medical Student Christian Union (MSCU), the Nairobi University Nursing Student Association (NUNSA) organized and supported the event, which was a resounding success. The studentS had a speedy and successful entrance and a smooth adjustment to university life; thus, the week had been encircled by a string of subsequent events. The cocktail party, which was organized by the relevant stakeholders with the main goal of educating students about the academic aspects of the course, the policies and procedures of the Department of Nursing, and providing spiritual sensitization and an orientation talk, was the literal high point of the week.

The program was inaugurated with the students donning lab coats and name tags to foster the message of "Don't try so hard to fit in, and certainly don't try so hard to be different," which was coordinated by highly regarded lecturer Dr. Mary Kamau (MSCU patron). The students were then bright white and appeared to be competent, skilled future nurses. In her address, Dr. Kamau shared an encouraging tale of the first set of students to enroll in the university's BScN program and how students can channel their abundant enthusiasm into their academic work. She emphasized the significance of incorporating God into their academics and finding spiritual support while overcoming hurdles in life.

She introduced Madam Edith, who is in charge of the Nursing Skills Lab and the Nursing Council of Kenya, after her brief remarks. In her brief speech, Edith stressed the value of developing core skills prior to working with actual patients during clinical rotations. Her detailed depiction of how first-years will inject oranges in the skills lab piqued their interest. In order to receive the resources, they needed for their studies, she also urged the students to register with NCK within 60 days of their admission.

In place of the chair of the department of nursing, Dr. Lilian Omondi reaffirmed the administration's commitment to providing the class with all-encompassing academic and student-oriented assistance and enlisted the help of the students. She presented the students with an academic roadmap for the course, as well as information on the department's units and numerous postgraduate degrees and credentials. She also emphasized the administration's commitment to fostering students' dreams, a sentiment Dr. Kirui (Student Welfare Patron) underlined. Dr. Kirui expressed her gratitude to NUNSA leadership, led by chair Wycliff Kinyua and proficient Secretary General Livingstone Mwendia, for taking the initiative to plan such a delightful program for first-year students.

She also focused on the importance of leadership in connecting students with faculty members and raised awareness of the different co-curricular and extracurricular activities that support students' overall development.

The principal speaker was then presented, Mr. Mark Kolo, a lifestyle expert and one of the most well-known youth motivational speaker internationally, whom Dr. Kamau had invited. He made a powerful speech that touched on all facets of life and addressed how students might make the most of their youth by cultivating and expressing their virtues. He asserted that life is nothing more than a journey filled with lessons, challenges, and memorable experiences that direct us to our goals. He also stressed to the first years that they would confront difficulties that would test their fortitude, strength, and confidence in God.  The students had rediscovered their sense of purpose in life as Mr. Kolo discussed various strategies for overcoming challenges at school, and the enthusiasm in the room could be felt a significant distance away.

Around 1400 hours, a number of NUNSA executives provided the required details on the first year's curriculum for the Bachelor of Nursing program as well as norms and guidelines for academic matters. Following the cake-cutting and snack-serving to their fellow classmates, Livingstone and Wycliff organized the election of male and female class delegates. A vote of thanks was held, and the organizing parties received many heartfelt expressions of appreciation. The group was then transported by bus to Kenyatta and Main Campus. What else is there to do but proclaim the effectiveness of the orientation an accomplishment?



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