Launch of emergency courses training

Emergency courses training.

Emergency care skills are essential in saving lives whenever emergencies occur to individuals, be they clients in hospital or community members; in the office, while on transit, at home, or field among others.

There is a huge gap of emergency skills among health care and emergency evacuation workers that requires deliberate action to narrow the gap in our country.

The Department of Nursing Sciences has experienced emergency care trainers with a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary skills laboratory that has high fidelity manikins and models. The Department is also CPD/CME Accredited Centre.

In line with its mandate, the Department has realized a milestone today with the launch of Basic Life

Support (BLS) course training officially opened by the Dean Faculty of Health Sciences. The first cohort of eleven trainees undertaking AHA certified Basic Life Support course have started their training today 3 rd June 2022. This is one of the professional development courses that have been mounted by the Department with Advanced Life Support, Paediatric Life Support and Psychosocial Support for health workers course set to follow.

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