UoN, UTMB and ANN_K successfully hold neonatal nursing seminar

Neonatal seminar poster.

The neonatal nursing seminar is an activity that was planned by the University of Nairobi (UoN), University of Texas Medical Board (UTMB) and the Association of the Neonatal Nurses’ of Kenya (ANN_K). The planning committee included Dr. Miriam Wagoro and Dr. Joyce Jebet from UoN, Prof. Pamela Harris-Haman (UTMB), Mrs Josephine Bariu and Ms Odessa Omanyo (ANN_K) and Mr. Samuel Wainaina (Engineer County Hopsital, Nyahururu).

The session began at 2pm with a welcome address from Dr. Miriam Wagoro, the Director of the school of Nursing Sciences. The chairperson of the neonatal nurses’ association of Kenya, Mrs Josephine Bariu also gave an address. Prof. Pamela Harris-Haman from the University of Texas Medical Board shared the aims and objectives of the two-day seminar. The panellists to discuss the topics were Prof. Pamela Harris-Haman, Dr. Joyce Jebet, Lecturer and thematic unit head, Midwifery, UoN and Ms. Odessa Omanyo, Neonatal Nurse, clinical instructor, KNH and vice chairperson, association of neonatal nurses’ association of Kenya. The moderators of the sessions were Mrs Josephine Bariu, Nurse Manager, Paediatric Specialized Unit, KNH, chairperson of the neonatal nurses’ association of Kenya and Mr. Samuel Wainaina, Registered Nurse, Engineer County Hospital, Chair – Journal and recruitment committee, National Nurses’ Association of Kenya.

The Monday 3rd presentations were on neonatal hypothermia and hypoglycaemia, while on Tuesday 4th, the presentations were on neonatal sepsis and respiratory distress.

The seminar attracted over 90 attendees on both days from different counties across the country. Also, there was international representation by Dr. Karen Walker, President of the Council of Neonatal Nurses’ Association. In attendance also was Dr. Abdi Maalim, EACC commissioner, Dr. Dinah Chelagat, Dean, School of Nursing, Moi University, Prof. Lucy Gitonga, Dean, Chuka University, Mr. Alfred Obengo, President, National Nurses’ Association of Kenya and Mrs Louisa Muteti, Chairperson, Midwives’ Association of Kenya.

At the end of the two-day session, there was a clear indication that more of these sessions were needed by nurses. The planning committee therefore agreed to have these more often and to include skills sessions.

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