Visit by Dr. Monica Onyango from Boston University, USA

Prof. Monica Onyango (L) and Prof. Miriam Wagoro (R) when she visited the Department of Nursing Sciences.

Dr.  Monica Adhiambo Onyango is a Kenya registered nurse/ midwife   and an alumnus of the Department of Nursing Sciences currently Clinical Associate Professor and Director, Global Health Certificate course at Boston University School of Public Health.

As an appointed visiting professor at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Onyango made a 5 weeks’ educational visit to the Department of Nursing Sciences where she interacted with both students and faculty members.

She conducted a seminar on qualitative research methods to post graduate students, participated in discussing the formation of a research club in the department, clinical mentorship of post graduate students and general exchange of ideas on nursing practice and education in the USA and Boston University.

Dr. Onyango also contributed to the development of disaster management course and global health as part of the content for the post graduate curricula under review.

The visit was insightful to the Department of Nursing Sciences community and the Department looks forward to further engagements with the visiting Professor.

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