BSC Nursing pinning and candle lighting ceremony 2022

This year’s pinning and candle lighting ceremony for BSc Nursing finalists was a colorful and cheerful as the students set out to serving as qualified nurses.

This ceremony was termed as a rite of passage for nursing students who have been successfully prepared and ready to serve humanity.

During the ceremony, the students are usually given words of wisdom and encouragement by their lecturers and other already qualified nurses. At the end of the ceremony the senior most nurse lights a candle that in turn is used to light other nurses’ candles present as well as the new nurses.

The new nurses were very excited to have successfully completed their studies and gotten to the candle lighting ceremony which is the icing on the cake of nursing school. As they sat and listened to their lecturers congratulating and advising them on the new journey they are about to begin and the one they just concluded.

Dr. Miriam Wagoro, the Chair of the Department of Nursing led the students in singing the nurses’ anthem which is a reminder of the duty and calling of nursing. She reminded them of the significance of the capping, pining and candle lighting ceremony to them as new nurses.

She emphasized on the importance of humility in service and following of ethics.

“We should do no harm. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually to the patient,” Dr. Wagoro said.

The event was graced by Nursing Council of Kenya Registrar Edna Talam.

In her speech, Talam congratulated the new nurses for their successful completion of nursing course. She reflected on her own journey in nursing school as she encouraged them to scale higher as they left for the nursing world.

“Everything you do as a nurse is about the ethics,” she said.

The event was crowned by the lighting of candles that was led by Talam as the new nurses fed from the main candle fire to signify their light they carry to the world of patients depending on them for care.

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BSC Nursing pinning and candle lighting ceremony 2022 led by Nusring Council of Kenya Registrar Edna Talam.
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