SoNS spearheads webinars to support nurses and midwives fighting COVID-19

COVID_19 file photo.

The nurses and midwives scholars in Kenya together with nurses associations and the Nursing Council of Kenya started weekly virtual meetings and provision of intellectual resources to offer support to nurses and midwives in the frontline of managing covid-19.

These create avenues for nurses and midwives to stay connected and share key insights and other critical information during this tumultuous time.

The meetings have shared clinical best practices, strategies to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and ideas to support the well-being of nurses and midwives and actions to address the rapidly changing covid-19 management recommendations. In addition, avenues are being created for nursing faculty and students to share their experiences of online teaching/learning during the covid-19 pandemic. So far, these activities have been going on for over six months.

This is important to keep up with the frequency with which new information and recommendations are generated from local, national and international sources.

The under listed team applied for a grant to Burdett Trust for Nursing and successfully won the grant worth 79,877 Pounds, which is currently supporting the webinars among other activities.

Aim of the project

This project aims to support the well-being and Resilience in the Nursing Workforce during and Post COVID-19 Pandemic for quality health care delivery and improved populations’ health outcomes in Kenya


  1. Conduct  research to inform  nursing and midwifery practice
  2. Develop training curricula for  continuing professional development for nurses /midwives
  3. Provide relevant  continuing professional development courses
  4. Disseminate generated evidence through scientific conferences
  5. Advocate for Nurses well-being

The team organizes webinars every two weeks with the aim of building capacity of health care workers and disseminating knowledge and updates.

Project team:

  1. Dr. Miriam C.A.Wagoro: Chair, Nurse educators caucus,  Director School of Nursing, University of Nairobi Clinical Mental health Nurse and Research Ethics Specialist. She is  lead PI
  2. Dr. Dinah Chelang’at: Dean Faculty of Nursing, Moi University. A midwife and Public Health Nurse Specialist. Co-PI in the project.
  3. Dr. Albanus Mutisya: chair Department of General Nursing, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. A researcher and Critical Care Nurse Specialist, PI .
  4. Dr. Joyce Jebet: Head of Obstetric Nursing and Midwifery. A reproductive health specialist,  Lead Aim 1
  5. Dr. Eunice Omondi: deputy coordinator of post graduate programs school of Nursing , University of Nairobi, critical care nurse specialist, Lead Aim 2
  6. Dr. Irene Mageto: Coordinator of E-learning programs School of nursing, University of Nairobi, Clinical Mental health and forensic Nurse Specialist, lead Aim 3
  7. Ms. Ruth Mbugua: Public health Specialist and Nurse Faculty at Mount Kenya University, She is Co-PI, secretary to the program management team  
  8. Ms. Jemimah Nyawira: A palliative care specialist and senior Program Officer National Nurses Association of Kenya, Head of secretariat
  9. Mr. Alfred Obengo: the President National Nurses Association of Kenya, Co-Chair program management team
  10. Mr. Michael Nyongesa: Chair, Kenya Progressive Nurses Association(KPNA) Co-chair of Program management team
  11. Mr. Rashid Salim, Nurse Intern, Machakos County Referral Hospital, Secretariat
  12. Mr Teddy Nyandika, Programmes Officer, National Nurses Association of Kenya, Secretariat

Click here to see webinar presentations.


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