SoNS student joins KESNNUR for mentorship and blood donation

Blood donation drive at Chuka University.

Nthambi Yvonne Kibungi , a BScN 2 student from the University of Nairobi  was among the Kenya Student and Novice Nurses(KESNNUR) chapter of the National Nurses Association of Kenya(NNAK)  at  the regional series of mentorship drives dubbed ‘The campus convoy'.

These drives were organized to be a combination of a blood donation initiative as well as a mentorship for nursing students. This was in a bid to provide a solution to the current inadequacy of donor blood in hospitals while offering a mentorship forum to young student nurses from the region.

In attendance were faculty members from Chuka University including the Dean, various lecturers and the patron, CUNSA. Students present included those from Chuka University and Meru University. Officials and representatives from the Kenya Students and Novice chapter were among the speakers for the day.

The topics of discussion included ‘Life as an Intern’  ‘The role of young nurses in global health, ‘Opportunities for young nurses healthcare’ and ‘Young nurses engagement with local and national councils and associations’.

Participants were encouraged to take a positive step towards impacting the health sector from various local levels while empowering each other with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to do so.

The forum served as a platform to invigorate young nurses to action. KESNNUR appreciates the Chuka University faculty and CUNSA, Meru University, the regional blood transfusion service, Meru County and all who came together to make the event a success.

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