SoNS alumnus wins 2021 Norman A. Scotch Award for Excellence in Teaching at Boston School of Public health

Dr. Monica Onyango.

The staff and faculty at School of Nursing Sciences join their colleagues at Boston University in congratulating Dr. Monica Onyango for winning the 2021 Norman A. Scotch Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Indeed the School of Nursing Sciences is proud to graduate professional nurses who can lead in multidisciplinary health teams and extend  SON’S   and  UON’S vision of  -“Leading with Excellence”

The Scotch Award is presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the education program at Boston University School of Public Health. The award recognizes individuals, faculty, or others who have substantially enriched the educational experience for the students at the school.

In one nomination letter, a former student said that Onyango is the “perfect model for a teacher in a school of public health,” praising her as a “highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her students to strive for excellence.” The student also said that Onyango is a “dynamic and powerful communicator who possesses the gift of being able to make complex subjects understandable.” Even more important than her instruction, another student wrote, is Onyango’s “sincere presence and interest in her students’ lives. She is very understandable, flexible, and approachable. Her students feel very comfortable in receiving guidance and help from her in any aspect of life or school.

Dr. Onyango is a beneficiary of the WHO funded UON- DAN program at the then Department of Nursing. The course was credited with graduating leading Nurse Administrators and Educationists.

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